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What People Are Saying About #TeamBV:


Check out what just a FEW of our fabulous families are saying about working with BV...

"I'm doing the best I can do, but I want to tell you what you have done for ME as a person, a mother, a woman, a human being and the amazing job you have done at helping me mold my daughter into the amazing young woman she is turning into. You have shown me strength and growth with my own daughter.  You have shown me that it is ok - not to do everything - to "delegate".  You aren't just teaching the girls - you are teaching their mothers, their siblings, their families.  You are truly an extraordinary and exemplary model of courage and achievement.     


We love you Victory. Thank you for everything.


- #BVMom​

Working with Victory was such a great experience! My mom and I enjoyed live sessions and having her on-site at the pageant a lot. Her previous years of being a contestant allowed her to understand what I was going through during preparation and the pageant, which was very helpful. Whenever I had a question for Victory, she would always be there, one phone call or email away. She was always there if I needed anything! It was such a pleasure working with her and I can't wait till we start preparation for my next pageant!


- BV Girl Tyler


" ...but she still never gained the confidence or self esteem her father and I felt she should have until you came along. You gave her a gift we have never been able to give her as much as our hearts wanted to. It broke my heart that she could never see how amazing she truly is but through your guidance, persistence, encouragement, kind heart & professional style you brought out something in her that no one to this point in her life has been able to do. You were the "catalyst" she needed to realize her potential and believe that she could be more than she ever thought she could be." 


- #BVMom

I want to thank Victory, Faith, and the rest of the BV crew for all their hard work throughout the NAM Pageant weekend. My daughter, Jackie Conner, placed 4th runner up for casual wear and 3rd runner up overall in the teen division. Viki is a great coach who truly cares about her girls and helps them maximize their potential. She not only teaches them how to perform on stage and in interviews, but she also does it in a fun team atmosphere in which the girls get to know each

- BV Mom, Ximena


Dear Victory,
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your time and dedication. Be Victorious helped me find poise on stage and feel more confident with every step. You and the BV team have been nothing but helpful and supportive which has made the experience even better. I will definitely want your assistance again for any future pageants I participate in! Also, thank you once again for helping me take my first NATIONAL TITLE and OPTIONAL TITLE home, it's a dream come true! 


- BV Girl, Cara

Thank you to Team BV for everything on pageant weekend! Because of all of your help and guidance I was honored to receive Best Resume 1st RU, Photogenic 2nd RU (my first time entering this optional!), 3rd RU Casual Wear Modeling (also my first time entering this optional!), and 4th RU overall to the teen title! Not to mention my amazing hair and make up!! NONE of these achievements would have been possible without the fabulous Team BV! Thank you all once again for everything!


- BV Girl, Sheila

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