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Content Development - Figuring Out Your Key Messages

Creating the "Pick Me" Effect - Connecting With Your Judges

Develop Winning Interview Techniques

Creating Conversation With Your Judges

Competition Wardrobe Selection 

Mock Interviews With Real Judges

Platform + Resume Development 

Poise and Posture Under Pressure

Voice Analysis (Tone, Pace, Volume, Enunciation etc)

Self-Confidence Development

Current Events + Vocabulary Development

- Interview  + On-Stage  Question  -

- Evening Gown/Formal Wear Modeling Presentation - 

Competition Wardrobe Selection Assistance 

Overall Image Development - Hair, Makeup, Nails, Skin etc

Evening Gown Walk and Presentation (+ Custom Walking Routines)

Poise and Posture

Color Analysis and Body Shape Analysis

- Writing Services - 

Personalized (Custom) Writing for your Spokesmodel, Introduction, Essays etc

Resume Proofreading and Editing

Platform Proofreading and Editing

MP3 Recording of your item to provide an example of voice inflection, pace of words, delivery etc

"Marked Up" version of your item (i.e. words that should be emphasized will be bold etc) 

Coaching via skype/facetime/phone to ensure timing, delivery, and overall execution are top-notch

- Image, Hair, + Makeup -

Body Shape + Face Shape + Skin Type + Color Analysis

Best Hair Style Selection for Each Phase of Competition

Best Makeup Look for Each Phase of Competition

Selection of Best Hair and Makeup Products (based on your face shape and skin analysis)

Individual/Strip Lash Eye Lash Application

Eyebrow Threading

Hair Extension Selection

Personalized Product Suggestions

Private Makeup Application Lessons

Private Hair Styling Lessons

On-Site Services for #BVGirls only (during pageants we are attending ONLY)

Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe Styling is also available for your headshots, photo shoots, special events etc.

All of this is offered through Spark Artistry - the Official BV Hair, Makeup, and Styling Team - all artists are certified makeup artists.

- Modeling -

Different Walking Styles for Different Competitions (i.e. formal vs fitness vs introduction vs casual wear)

Selection of Poses that are Best for Your Body Shape, Age Group, and Attire

Custom Routines Designed To Get Attention From Judges

Selection of Wardrobe + Accessories + Heels

Formal Runway Training

Formal Photography Training 

- Public Relations, Social Media, Brand Development-

Selection and Development of a Winning Platform

Crafting and Writing of Press Releases

Assistance with Scheduling Volunteer Service/Charity Work + Appearances

Development of your Brand as a Titleholder

Customized Autograph Cards and Other Marketing Materials

Note: #TeamBV has a preferred photographer in many states to help you take winning photos AND a preferred graphic designer to help create business cards, autograph cards, program book ads, etc.

- Optional Contest Development -

For Pageants That Have "Optional Contests":

Custom (award-winning) Walking Patterns/Routines

Attire Selection

Overall Appearance Development

Note: #TeamBV has a voice + dance teacher on staff to help develop winning routines,

choreograph, choose and cut custom music etc.

- Fitness Competition -

Assistance With Choosing Your Winning Wardrobe

Healthy Nutrition Plans

Custom Fitness/Workout Plans

Walking Patterns/Routine Development

Note: #TeamBV has a personal trainer + nutritionist on staff to help you look and feel your personal best before competing on stage!

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