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Photos: Clothes, Posing, Style/System Differentiation

1. Remember that Miss Victory should know you are taking photos! We highly suggest taking photos with Ray Ally of AllyKat Photography or Ruby Ella of Ruby Ella Photography.


2. Headshots are just your head. No hands.


3. Photogenic shots can be either headshots or 3/4 body shots. Try to make YOU the main focus of the photo, not the white space, trees, bridges, etc.


4. Go for bright colors and good fabrics. Bright jewelry can compliment you, not be the main focus.


5. A small head tilt makes your photo fab. Looking straight at the camera will make it look like a passport or license photo. Angle your head, drop your chin a bit, and make those eyes sparkle!

I like these photos of JoJo because:

- She shows different smiles

- Each photo shows a different hair look

- The necklines are varied in her shirts

- Jewelry is age appropriate

- Colors are bright

- Her head is slightly tilted



Pink is more photogenic style

Blue is more NAM/MAC program book style

I like these photos of Kalani because:

- She shows slightly different smiles

- The patterns are not overwhelming her

- She has her head tilted in both photos

- She chose bright colors that complimented her skin tone

- The shirt necklines are different

- She presents two looks: makeup vs more natural



Both are photogenic style

Both are NAM/MAC/IJM program book style

Both of these girls are named Nia - yes, I know they are not the same Nia lol. I like these photos because:

- Their hair extensions look natural and are styled well

- They both chose bright colors

- Both photos show different shirt necklines

- Nia on the right has age appropriate jewelry on

- Both have slight head tilts



Both are photogenic style (I would crop the pink tee one)

Both are NAM/IJM/MAC program style

LEFT: model shot, would be great in a portfolio


RIGHT: actress shots, girls look more "commercial" ready vs. "catalogue ready"; these could both also work to show a model's versatility in a portfolio


Girl on left is more Ralph Lauren ad, girls on right are more Nickeloden/sell a product

I do NOT like these two shots in particular because:

- Girl on left: hair doesn't look polished enough AND her lack of straps/neckline makes her look NAKED


- Girl on right: cute color but her head is too direct to the camera for me and there is a ton of extra space; this photo could be cropped however

The four photos above are great styles for any national level pageant.

The glammed up look is also great for IJM, UNM, Ambassador, MAOT, and MAO (states).

Note: shirt necklines, jewelry, head tilt, colors chosen.

These three are great examples of shots for Miss America-like pageants. Can be used for NAM/Ambassador/mAC too.

Note: head tilt, varied necklines, jewelry, colors chosen (ugh, black lol).

The full glam look is great for a USA pageant! These can be used at more model-like pageants, as well.

Note: head tilt, jewelry, colors, necklines/types of outfits, hand placement does NOT block face/neck.

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