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Pageant Coaching/Image Consulting/Personal Development/Modeling & Acting​/Hair & Makeup Services + Lessons/Public Relations & Communications/Platform Development





Company Overview/Summary:

Be Victorious was founded on the idea that everyone has the ability to lead, succeed, and try new things. 


Pageant Coaching: BV strives to prepare every client to compete at their highest potential. Every consultation is unique, just like you! There is no 'one-size fits all' approach at BV - we work with you to compliment and highlight your unique attributes that can bring you pageant success.


Image Consulting: BV sincerely strives to highlight individual personalities and preferences when working with its clients. Image prep can include image in the pageant world (hair, makeup, attire etc) and image in the professional world. 


Personal Development: Be Victorious encourages its clients to not only get involved in pageantry, but also in various empowering opportunities throughout the year. Because of Ms. Victory's extensive network, you'll often see BV girls in magazines, on runways, in ads, and auditioning for local TV spots or agencies. Join #TeamBV today to get your start on the road to VICTORY! Perhaps most importantly, BV digs a little deeper to build self-confidence and boost self-image/perception through various leadership activities, empowering volunteer activities and more. BV strives to create the whole package...the whole positive image in each individual client. You don't have to be a pageant contestant to work on yourself and your image! *We offer workshops and more to contestants, professionals, and groups!


Makeup Artistry (Makeovers and Lessons): BV firmly believes that makeup should be used to enhance one's natural beauty, thus we find it quintessential that every young woman know how to create the look that best compliments her. As a result, BV (Victory) has trained extensively with Von Lee International School of Aesthetics and is a certified MAC Makeup Artist, to help you create your best self. We are proud to offer hair and makeup services on-site and to all of our clients, makeup lessons, makeup workshops, and much more. Please inquire for additional information on this.


Modeling & Acting: We help train our clientele to succeed in the modeling/acting/talent world as well! More specifically, we develop winning routines for runway shows, casual wear modeling at pageants, acting for film vs pageants, develop talent etc. We take great pride in training our clients specifically for the World Championships of Performing Arts, held in Hollywood, CA each year.


Public Relations & Communications/Writing Services: We don't just help you win the title, we help promote you during your year! We don't just send our titleholders on appearances, ALL BV girls get the opportunities to grow and develop during their year through volunteering, fundraising and more. We also write winning press releases, spokesmodel speeches, personal introductions and more!


Platform Development: If you have a topic you are passionate about, BV will help you get the opportunities to expand on that passion. We will put you in connection with various organizations and partners to help build your passion and make it a competitive platform when you are ready to compete with it and win. We help book appearances, volunteer opportunities, and networking opportunities as well. 



Why work with us?


HOW are we different?

We offer our services at a lower rate than most pageant and image coaches, anywhere. In addition, we like to keep our clientele small - there is nothing worse than having paid for an advisor/consultant who wouldn't shop around for you or call you to just check in. We like to offer our clients our honest time and attention - many companies seek solely to expand for profit; we do this because we love it and it is in addition to our other activities so we can focus on a small number of clients. 


Small number of clients = more time for you! 


In addition, we love to give personal attention! We write personalized introductions and speeches (after a lengthy conversation with you-we want to highlight YOU in these written portions), help you complete your ENTIRE image, and really strive to accentuate your inner beauty and bring out your special inner voice.


Let us help you 'be victorious" in all that you do!


Privacy Policy

Please be assured that your privacy is exceptionally important to us. BV will never give/sell your email address or other contact information to buyers, sellers, etc. 


In addition, BV will never disclose information about one client to another client. Each and every client is worked with on an individual basis and no "special treatment" will be given; a client's success relies on how much effort, time, and work they put towards achieving their specific goals, not what BV, any of its affiliates, or staff members do. This is especially important to remember as sometimes BV may be working with one or two other clients in the same pageant or same age-division; again, no special treatment will be given, as every coaching session is unique and thus, dealt with on an individual basis.


Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions concerning our privacy policy.




We are expanding and growing everyday at Be Victorious and we hope you will continue to show us your love and support as we come up with new ideas and activities everyday.

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